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. the warnings have been issued for at least 20 countries including the u.s. west coast. >>> good morning i am sherrie johnson. we have team coverage and live reports from around the u.s. and the world this morning. we kick things off with abc's emily schmidt live in washington with how white house officials are responding. >> reporter: the earthquake lasted second but the catastrophe continues to spread. there are tsunami warnings stretching across the a sick and waves are hitting hawaii right now. largest quake in japan's history shook a nation. and triggered tsunami waves that threatened the u.s. west coast. forcing evacuations in hawaii. >> it's time for a little aloha and a little you keep it simple and sensible and moving. >> reporter: cameras capture the moment the earthquake hit in japan. for lawmakers gathered for government, the newsroom shaken up by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. the quake set off huge fires including this oil refinery north of tokyo. workers evacuated high rises and filled the streets. millions are without power after the deadly quake. one woman said i thought i was
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> tuesday morning. 9:00. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. coming up, saving for college. it's something that we all want to think about doing even if you don't have a child you want to think about doing it so you don't have the stress some 18, 19, to years from now -- 20 years from now. we will have tips why you should do it and programs to help you get started. >>> also ahead, crystal register comes in and has great tips and we know what we need to do to eat healthier. we have to eat more fruits and vegetables. but there are new standards and guidelines so crystal has great examples of ways to eat healthier and incorporate more fruits and vegetables an a pretty interesting illustration to help you understand. >>> also, we will tell you about the latest of charlie sheen. cbs and the show "two and a half men" firing back at the star. what they are saying and what he is saying in return. you want to stick around for that. >> all right. first, every day we have a hot topic let's get to today's. it involve
>>> thank you for joining us. a full morning for you. we have the festival coming up in may. our documentary film maker of new journalists. >>> also this morning scams and cruises. there's a new scam out there and it targets. if it sounds too good to be true, if somebody is offering to pay for your vacation you need to be careful. we have a new scam circulating right now. it could show up in your mailbox. >>> first, we want to get to new hot topics. it's kind of gross. a new london ice cream parlor is trying to bring customers in a different way. it's a flavor called baby gaga and made from breast milk. women volunteered to donate it so the ice cream shop could create the frozen concoction. each donor was given money for every ten ounces of milk. it sold out within the first hour. >> it's pure. it's natural. it's organic and free range. if it's good enough for our kids, it's good enough to use in our food. >> free range. >> health officials did pull the ice cream due to hepatitis fears and now lady gaga considering suing over the name. we always want your reaction. >> this is one
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> thanks so much for joining us. i am megan pringle. not the prettiest morning out there. charlie-- charley crowson has the day off and we will check in with justin to see what's going on with the weather. march is supposed to go out with a lame. -- lamb. wove a full show and exciting guests. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will be here talking about an event coming up. and a cause that's close to her heart. we will talk to her about that and her fight to keep guns offsety streets. >>> also ahead, not a lot of -- off city streets. >>> also ahead, not a lot of you like needles. that he a new invention that actually allows you to get the shots you need without any pain. so we will explain how it works and get a demonstration and find out if this really works. >>> and also ahead this morning, you probably seen the commercials, your kids probably told you, shrek the musical has hit the stage in baltimore. so we have a treat today. the man who plays donkey is going to be here alan will tell us what it's like to play the character and more a
like it's the last day of march. hopefully you can sit back and join us because we have a great show. i am excited about this organization and if you are a parent, you will love this. if you care about the world, you will love this. if you love laross, -- lacrosse you will love the story. headstrong foundation started after a lacrosse player who has a great story. he passed away -- player who has a great story. he passed away but his legacy is living on. we will hear more from nick's mom and brother michael. stay with us. also ahead, there's been a research about ten medical groups coming together for research for the campaign for tobacco free kids. they are doing this in conjunction with opening day. so they are hoping that they can knock tobacco out of the park. plus, it's thursday, which means dr. fea mont tay -- fioramonti will come in with answers about your pets. he will answer your questions on the air. >>> all right. you probably noticed that i have company. charley crowson is not here e ran off and joined the circumstance -- he ran off and joined the circus. how is it going? ho
>>> it is thursday morning, which we call friday eve. thank you for joining us here on good morning maryland at 9. i am megan pringle. >>> we have been talking on the morning show the space shuttle discovery is going to close the final chapter of nasa's space shuttle program. coming up today, a professor of as electron my saying that may not -- astronomy saying that may not be the best idea. >>> suzanne must have the best job. she gets to eat at every restaurant in baltimore. 67 of the best restaurants in our community. >> suzanne and i met at the chocolate affair just a couple weeks ago. great to have her on the show. >>> and pets and vets always a good time. >> absolutely. the doctor will be here to get your questions answered. stick with us if you have a question about your dog or cat and he will talk about bathing your pets for some people is very hard. >> really? how often do you need to bathe your pet. >> you don't want to do it too much but enough. >>> 1 minute after 9:00 a.m. the hot topic today, about the westboro baptist church. five years ago this made headlines here in m
for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. before we get started, your orange -- nosh you like the orange. >> i like the orange tie. ms awareness week. we are excited about this. all week you will find out how much orange we have. but we have guest to talk about why it's so important to raise awareness it's tough disease and close to my heart. my mother has it. and we will hear about what you can do to razz awareness and raise -- raise awareness and funds for a cure. we hope you join us for the ms walk. there's a bunch from april 2nd to april 19th. we have the information you need to know. >>> a wonderful cause. >>> also, it's the springtime. many of us dusting off the winter's chill getting ready for the spring cleaning. you want to do everything, the nooks and crannies and shelves and cabinets. remember your electronics. coming up, john with best buy is at the geek squad has tips. did you know windex could hurt your computer monitor in. >> you know i didn't know that. but i am sure that i need to clean mine. so i will find out what it is. >> don't utes -- don't use winde
for joining us. i am megan pringle. >>> i am charley crowson. we have a packed show and a show with a lot of variety. do you like coffee. >> you know i do. i just stopped drinking it yacht drink it like it's coming out of your ears. >> only until noon. we drink coffee until noon and after 1, water of course. but coming up, how much would you pay for the early morning cup of joe. two bucks, 4 bucks? >> that's a lot. >> but you get the specialty coffee drink. we will show you the most expensive cup of coffee we have found in baltimore. and that gentleman right there jay give us a way, jay, he is going to prepare it and we will tell you the price tag coming up in a bit. >> we should clarify they have cheap coffee too. it's not all super expensive. >> less expensive. nothing is cheap. >> now, the zoo comes in every single month and my favorite can be -- they are my favorite guest because they have an outreach program, but they bring in a cool animal and something you've never seen. and it made me laugh because they rolled something in and i don't know it's like a crate. charley said what is i
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> thanks for joining us. i am megan prink especially charley has the -- pringle. charley has the day off. we hope you will stay with us. we are going to be talk about is sexual assault. we will tell you about an event coming up a rape walk. a very brave woman is here rebecca johnsonstone who will share her story and tell us about a nonprofit she started and how it is helping women and victims. >>> also, we will switch gears and talk about a little luxury in our lives. we are talking facials and the spa is a great lace to relax especially as winter is be -- great place to relax especially as winter is ending. a local spa here will give a demonstration of what they have going on and some of the deals available right now. >>> plus, as you know, if you've joined us, we love to eat here on "good morning maryland." we have a chef in the studio cooking up not only a delicious chicken meal that's easy to make but it's healthy, too. it's chicken and artichokes. stay with us. all of that is ahead. >>> first, let's get to tot's hot topic. there's
. they are undergoing surgery and megan is down there watching the surgery and she will have reports for us throughout the course of the week. but, we want to thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. coming today, gastroby-pass, a procedure many of us have associated over the course of history with those wanting to lose weight. now we are learning it could be helping in the fight against diabetes. we will explain a little later this morning. also, square foot gardening. what is it? we want to max our space from storage to decorating, all we can do to get the most out of every inch. kim will tell us everything we need to know about square footgardening and information you will want to hear. >>> red cross the hometown heros is an event going on thursday night. and coming up later this morning, representative from the red cross will be in telling us about the men and women they will be honoring coming up thursday night. you will want to hear all about what they are doing for those in need here in the community of baltimore and surrounding areas. time for our hot topic on this tuesday morning. it
. thanks for joining us. aileen gabbey is here and we are happy to see her. but when she brings in a guy like this one, it is like what do you have? look at this puppy. he is up for adoption. we will introduce you to this cute guy and hear about what's going on at the maryland spc. a. >> he is so adorable. yes. you are so adorable. yawning and stretching. >> big stretches. >> a little whining but that's okay. this is an intimidating environment and he is a beagel and they are vocals dogs. >> he is so sweet. we will talk to aileen in a moment. also, comparing cars today, andrew is going to be talking about the differences between hybrid cars and conventional cars. with so many a-- so many attention to the price of-- so much attention with the price of gas, might be time to go with something pour hybrid based. >>> another topic this morning, parents and homework. have you heard that from one of your friends with kids how hard the homework is. >> when i was in college i. worked my way through as an english tutor. and also helped some of the younger kids with math. and it happens. >> there i
much for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlee crowson. -- charley crowson. we will check in with justin for the forecast. could turn dicey tonight into thursday. we have a full show today. >> i am so excited about this story. i think it's the sweetest most inspirational story. we will introduce you to fred and candace. he is 86 and they have been training together. it's a wonderful story. he is doing it in honor of his wife. and we try to celebrate great things happening in the community. we hope you will stick with us for that. >> and megan has been out in the lobby throughout the day picking his brain talking to him. >> he is incredible. >> if you are in the job market, be aware of technology as it continues to evolume. joanie will be in for job search tips. as the markets change, you need to be up to speed on what the changes are. >>> also ahead, any time there's a deal out there, we want to let you know. if you talk to any parent, they will tell you having children can be very expensive. from haircuts to photographs and you name it. there's a great program set up by a
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> it is tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we have a full show for you. as we have been telling you we are wearing orange because it's ms awareness week. something i know you are very familiar with. >> my mother has multiple sclerosis. more and more you talk to people the more you hear it's common, a friend or family member has it and it's a disease that has come a long way. we want to continue to raise awareness and funds. so in hopes that you will join all the walks going on in april to raise awareness and funds for ms, this is ms awareness week. we will introduce you to wonderful inspiring peee people in the community -- people in the community make difference. we will introduce you to the thomases. >> coming this morning, parents, you wanted to give your child every advantage when it comes to education. so to do it you need to make sure you are tech savvy. coming up, we will have someone in talking about the educational apps out there to pick up to keep your kids ahead of the curve.
and lesbians straight and has been approved by apple. a u.s. christian organization helped develop the ap. >> it's basically available on itunes and claims to help users become straight by use melt pel resources to help -- multiple resources to help change them. apple has been drawing criticism from gay advocates and a group created a petition online called demanding that itunes remove the app. we asked what you think about this. we wanted your two cents on today's hot to ic. >> generating a lot of response. let's look a a few this morning. this is how we phrased it. should ael remove an app claiming to make gay people straight. robert says why would professional company had nonsense like this on their site in the first place. >> and debies says -- debbie says i am gay and have no interest in application supposed to make she straight. they should pull it because it's low and ridiculous. we want to know what you think. we ask for your two cents on today's hot topic. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and keep the comments coming because we will share them thr
>>> now "good morning marylandat 9. >>> friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. on "good morning maryland" at nine. hope you've great weekend in store. we have a great show in store. we have been talking about multiple sclerosis because it's mams awareness week -- ma awareness week. -- ms awareness week. ryan came in with his mom. and the the other side we will introduce you to a man named charles who worked as a farmer for the majority of his life and ms brought that to a halt. when we think about that disease, we think about how it impacts us physically and maybe emotionally but not financially. charles will share his story just ahead. >>> also ahead, it's friday. one of our favorite days of the week because it's friday and also because aileen gabbey from the maryland spca and brings an adorable dog or cat up for adoption. look at the screen and meet shortcake who is about as sweet as can be. she is a tiny girl. four years old and just a doll. we will intoe dues you. she is way cuter than the picture. you -- introduce you. she way cuter than a picture. >>> charley is li
for joining us, i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we will talk to members of the salvation army about a great event they have coming up. compassion in action. the 9th annual event. but also how you can help out the organization because of the economic downturn. there's a call to action for more help giving them the support so they can help those less fortunate. >> and if you have joined us you know it's ms awareness week when we try to get you involved and make you aware of multiple discoloros ies. we brought you -- sclerosis. we brought you stories about people making a difference. we want you to meet a member of the coaching staff at towson university who every year i go to the towson walk and see his players out there and they are really working hard. and it's just nice to see the community support and has a personal reason behind his support. >> look forward to that. she was on the wire and on the upcoming hit drama abc's body of proof. coming up this morning, sonja will be in talking about her organization rewired here in baltimore. the thing about that show the wire is it
much for joining us this morning i am mega pringle. >> i am charley crowson a full show for you this morning. first, let's check in with kim brown on the traffic alert. there's been delays throughout the morning, kim. >> reporter: that's right. and it's been significant delays around the beltway this morning especially on the west side. both loops have been affected. what happened was an accident happened at about 8:00 this morning on the inner loop between security boulevard and windsor mill boulevard involving an overturned vehicle with a driver trapped inside of the vehicle. so state police had closed the inner loop portion of the beltway for approximately 40 minutes or so and that caused significant backups on the innerloop. look at wilkins we are looking at the backup even though all lanes had been reopened. we are dealing with this coming a of 95 past wilkins towards the baltimore national pike and liberty road. you can expect at least 20 to 25minute delays on the inner loop and that's the same thing on the outer loop. we had significant rubber necking delays as people com
. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. got a full show with a lot of different topics we are covering today including chocolate. whoa all have our weaknesses, pizza, maybe hamburgers, chili cheese dogs but coming up today, something for you sweet tooth a quick and easy recipe that you want to think about doing if you want chocolate mousse tart. >> perhaps you can make it for your children. and when you were a kid, was it hard to get you dressed and out the door. did you fight your parents on what to wear? >> no. >> you hear that from parentswhose kids are independent dresser. brigette is from we chic boutique and they have gorgeous kids clothes and she has great tips, things you wouldn't think about and that are interesting. you will like this. how to incorporate technology into shopping for your child. so, she has great advice on what time of day you go to the store that can make a difference. >> with me, it was inevitable. this is what my clothes would look like. shoes dirty, the jeans grass stained with holes out in the knees. >> grubby little ki
and megan has been watching the procedures and bringing us the stories from this. you will want to tune in tonight at six as megan continues the series about the young puppies and what you may be able to do if you want to adopt one of them. she came back with a story this morning about how the dogs are wonderful. they are cuddly and affectionate and when a person walks away they start to love a little tlc and megan is there and look forward to seeing her story again tonight on abc2 news. we have a full show for you today. the 2010-11 season at the hippodrome is winding down with shrek. but coming up, a preview of the 2011-12 season. jeff daniels will be here to tell us about what to expect. it's a great cross section for the young and the underat heart. great classics as well as new productions as well. also the national aquarium is coming in with a great exhibit about frogs. you want to say they have gone to the frogs. vikki will tell us about that and a little-known fact about dealing with autism. we hear this more and more as close to one in 110 children are diagnosed with autism. wh
. fioramonti comes in with any advice you need. you give us a call and he will answer your questions live on the air. he is bringing in a animal that's ciewl and up for adoption. >>> a new video from the usns comfort leaving the dock. we were live there. the ship left around two hours ago on a five-month mission. the floating hospital will head to norfolk, virginia for two weeks and then it will make stops in the caribbean and haiti and over to south america. >> all right. all of that ahead this morning. we are also going to be talking about the u.s. comfort and today's hot topic which is unusual but you love this story. >> you love the kinds of stories and they come from the strangest places. a lot of us we love our dogs. i love oscar and you love roxy. >> crazy about roxy. >> we need to get them together because they are antisocial from time to time. it's all about man's best friend. but, is man's best friend worth 1.5 million dollars? >> we will look at your screen. apparently this dog is. the most expensive dog in the world. a red tibetan mastive is the priceyest dog after being sold
of rainfall for the state and they are underway. almost an inch and a half. that takes to us churchville. 1.4 inches. and then cecil county, closing in on an inch in elkton. we will show you what it looked like this morning, annapolis, they picked up 3/4 of an inch of rain. this is the search river and the theme is we are watching pretty hefty rain. this is a look north of annapolis towards pasadena and glen burnie. passing on i-706789 heighter greens lighter rains yellow heavier. so intermittent showers and heaviest rain off towards the east. a wet day today. we still haved. >> potential because even though it gets dry for few hours, there's more that build in this afternoon and tonight. we will talk more about that forecast. the outlook for the weekend and much more with "good morning maryland" with the irish dancers coming up. stick around. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year with n
crowson. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. megan is on assignment today. coming up, st. patrick's day is just more than two weeks away, and wegmans is going to be in house with great irish cheeses and butters. so maybe some alternate ideas if you are celebrating. and we will ask monica what exactly is the difference between an american cow and an irish cow. she will have the answer coming up today as well. >>> dr. will be here if you are considering home health care she has questions and advice to think about for the best possible health care for yourself as the decision comes around. and the cold case today is about a mother and her 7-year- old child that case remains unsolved. and also we will introduce you to the young lady in the abc2 newsroom behind the cold cases and the stories. where she generates them, why she started the series and where she hopes to see it going on down the road. also, a little tease for the end of the show. the five most miserable sports towns in the u.s. baltimore is not on the list because we love our orioles and we love our ravens. but no
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